Drei Menschen fahren SUP vor dem Segelcamp

Stand Up Paddling

The Kiel Fjord is ideal for stand-up paddling. The calm waters offer ideal conditions for beginners and advanced paddlers alike. Experience the perfect mix of water sports, vacation feeling and city panorama. Just drop by, hire a SUP at the sailing camp and paddle directly along the Kiellinie.

10€ Per hour
Per hour
18+ Minimum age
Minimum age
08:30-22:00 Opening hours & rental
Opening hours & rental

Terms of use

The terms of use of the sailing camp apply. These include, among other things:

  • Rental only during opening hours.
  • Bring a valid identity card.
  • Any damage/losses incurred must be reimbursed by the renter.
  • Rental is permitted from the age of 14 if accompanied by a parent or guardian and a bronze swimming badge.
  • Use of the SUPs under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited.
  • For safety reasons, the use of SUPs is restricted to the green zone (see SUP area map), i.e. along the keel line in a southerly direction and close to the coast.

SUP rental incl. life jacket.
A total of ten SUPs to choose from.

SUP area map

SUP Revierkarte mit grünem, gelbem und rotem Bereich

SUP City Kiel

Urban yet right by the sea, Kiel is simply the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts. While you have to limit yourself to paddling along the Kiellinie with our SUP boards, you can discover numerous other beautiful corners on an extensive SUP tour with private SUP boards.

"The Kiel Fjord with its surrounding villages and small beaches is simply brilliant and perfect for a stand-up tour!" - Fanatic Germany

SUP manufacturer Fanatic has filmed this beautiful SUP tour through the Kiel Fjord, past huge ferries and the Kiel shipyards, past pretty beaches and bays to the open Baltic Sea.

Mit deinem eigenen Equipment 
Water sports areas

SUP along Falckensteiner Strand to Schilksee and along the coast to Strande - there are various sections of the fjord that are suitable for stand-up paddling! The Schwentine on the eastern shore is also particularly popular with SUP learners. The water is calm there and the nature is very pristine - if you're lucky, you might even come across turtles!

Below you will find an overview of various places on the Kiel Fjord where you can do sports on and around the water. In addition to water sports, you can also discover beaches to relax on.